Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berries, anyone?

I have been busy since I got back home but not in my sewing room so much! I came home to a bumper crop of strawberries! I have two 35" rows of strawberries in my garden. On Monday I picked one row and got about 20 pounds. On Tuesday, I picked the other row and got another 20 pounds or so! Yesterday my friend stopped by and picked the first row again and we got about 10 pounds total. Today it was close to 10 pounds probably and tomorrow I get a day off because Saturday morning a friend is going to come and pick the row!

Today I also got to go to the dentist and have two of my old fillings replaced so now my face is numb and my jaw is kind of sore. I think ice cream for dinner is a good plan!

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susan said...

oh my!! that is a lot of strawberries!! what will you do with them all? oooo i bet they taste delish! i have a recipe for strawberry shortcake cake from that looks super yummy, but we havent gone picking yet