Friday, June 5, 2009

Not as planned

My day started out pretty well this morning. The weather cooled down so I was able to spend about 3 hours outside working in the yard. Just as we were dumping the last load of weeds over the hill (what you can't see, won't hurt you?) near disaster struck. My little poodle (Lucy of Lucy's Quilts fame) went under the fence to the neighbor's pasture and had a run in with a horse. It was all an accident, the horse was just curious but she got underfoot and came out limping. So I took her to the vet where she spent the afternoon proving that she is once again a very lucky little dog. She ended up with just a few scrapes and bruises.

While she was at the vet I got to drive into the big city to pick up parts for our lawnmower and also appliance parts for a couple of customers so my husband can finish off several jobs before we head to the wedding next week.

The only sewing I managed today was shortening the sleeves of my daughter's coveralls.


Judy H. said...

Oh, my goodness! How frightening! Give Lucy some extra cuddles from me.

Not Lucy said...

Don't worry, she is being spoiled wonderfully!

LauraJ said...

Oh I'm so happy Lucy is okay. I was holding my breath until I read the rest of the sentence. Good grief! Geesh you'd think the horse would have enough sense to watch out for little dogs. ;)

Not Lucy said...

He was watching her - he just wondered what that little black ball of fluff was that was going across his pasture.

susan said...

oh poor baby! i hope she is all healed and feeling better
i say any sewing is good sewing!