Monday, June 1, 2009

2nd Top AND 2 Backs!

Saturday I was able to get more of the yellow so I could finish the borders on the second baby quilt. I really like how this one turned out and will be the one that goes to little Helen. I made the decision because there is one small square that was cut from fabric from a shirt I made for her great grandfather, my father - "Opa".I used up the rest of the extra fabric making the two backs for these quilts and luckily bought a fun bright green that is in the blue print to use as binding.

Today I will be trying to get all the quilting done on the wedding quilt and would love to get the baby quilts quilted this week as well. It is doable if I have the batting - the wedding quilt used up the last of my roll of 124" Warm and Natural and I can't get another roll for a few weeks.

I have been working on my cathedral window quilt in the evenings. It is now about 20"X22" using 59 blue background squares and so far 102 different yellow pieces.I am enjoying watching this one grow but I am wondering what I will use when I run out of my navy blue.

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lej619 said...

this will be soo pretty when you get it done.
you asked what to do when you run out of blue? Well I guess you could be done or could change the color.