Monday, June 15, 2009

The week in review

The hubby and I are back from our little trip. We had a great time with family, the wedding was lovely but stressful. It was great seeing the grandkids. Layden is getting so grown up in many ways and Clara is the cutest little thing walking around!

One of the fun things we did with hubby's sister and brother-in-law was checking out the many flea markets and antique shops in the Fort Collins/Loveland/Denver area. I got a few treasures as did hubby. One of my favorite things was this black shawl. Not sure if it will be a table runner, dresser scarf or an actual shawl but it looks good in the great room.
I got these two aprons at an estate sale. The yellow one is so cute and the white one is nearly new but the flower is hideous so I will take that off and embellish it some other way. The funny thing was the woman who was having the sale gushed about how much she loved the flower on that apron and it was difficult to not say something disparaging!
One option for the embellishment is to add hanky 'points' to the bottom so I got this hanky as a possibility. I saw several done that way at other flea markets.I did find some larger items but just couldn't figure out how to get them in my luggage! There was this very cute wrought iron patio set that included a glass top table and two chairs. I think my sister-in-law may go back and pick it up for her front yard this week sometime! I also saw a couple of great oak dining table chairs but again - just a little too big for the luggage! We also saw several interesting old sewing machines including a White treadle machine in an unique Mission Style cabinet.

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susan said...

yea i think that might have been hard to fit in your suitcase!!
pretty aprons
i love flea markets and antique stores!!