Monday, June 22, 2009

Over the Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend around here. One of the best things was receiving this quilt block in the mail as part of the Quilt Block Exchange for June. This one is from be13cca. There will be two more coming this month. On Sunday during one of our thunderstorms I got two of mine made. One for be13cca:and one for raesha:Also, sometime over the weekend I finished the hand-sewing on the binding of the baby quilt so it is almost ready to mail.I took advantage of a brief sunbreak to get a picture. I am heading over to my daughter's on Wednesday so I will bring the quilt with me and get it mailed from there as she has some items to add to the box.

On Saturday I went through a couple of bins that have been sitting in my sewing room for months and sorted out fabric. I also cut pieces for 11 spool blocks for the group quilt and several more color blocks for the Summer Block Swap. I got the spools sew up along with their accompanying broken dishes blocks and hope to get one more cut out and sewn today. Next Tuesday I will take them to craft night and we can look at getting them laid out and ready to put together.

Yesterday during a couple of sunbreaks I did get some outside work done. Not a lot but just enough to let me know which muscles could use more work!

It is mostly cloudy today with some sunbreaks but very wet outside so I won't be doing anything out there so today's goal is to get my third block for the quilt block exchange done along with a 5.5" block for June Baggie Bingo, the last spool block and the color blocks done.

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