Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Time, No Post

I have been doing lots of rearranging of furniture and tidying of various areas of the house so not much sewing has been done. I have been cutting a lot of denim in preparation for 10-20 or more denim quilts.

Today, my husband made new seat inserts for two of our unmatched antique dining chairs so I got busy and got them upholstered. I used an old futon cover that we aren't using anymore and set to work. The great thing was, I managed to use up a bunch of small batting pieces from my closet!

Here they are all in a row! The two on the right and the second from the left originally had caned seats but were either severely damaged or gone when we bought the chairs so they needed inserts. The other two were originally upholstered and had both been reupholstered at some point but were pretty dirty so they all got new seats and will look great when we have a houseful of company next weekend.


Hedgehog said...

I love recovering chair seats - it's so quick and makes a huge difference! I just bought a telephone table/seat yesterday for 12€ and am going to get to work sanding/painting/recovering this weekend - can't wait!

ROZ said...

How charming these chairs are! thanks to you, I started cutting out denim lately, and hope to launch into making a denim quilt as soon as I complete my string quilt project