Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 of 9

I am making some progress towards my goal. This was pretty simple to finish since I just did an overall loopy meander, nothing fancy.

Since I decided I was done with the painting for this year I got started on my QBE blocks for September yesterday and finished those off today so they can get in the mail. They are all 12.5" blocks except the one on the far right. It is 9.5". I have received 3 of my blocks for September and I will post pictures when they are all here. You would have been amazed (or maybe not) at the mess I created making 5 little blocks!

Once the sewing room was cleaned up again I decided to work on basting again. I had enough pins to get two quilts basted. Both are Christmas quilts - one is my border round robin top and the other the grandmother's flower garden top.

Tomorrow we head to the other side of the state to baby-sit the grandkids and on Sunday we will be bringing the oldest back with us so I hope I am not too optimistic in thinking I can get those two quilt finished off this next week. Only time will tell!


Me aka Supermom said...

block on far right...Is that mine? supposed to be 12.5" if so. Hope this is a typo and not a good because it's a lovely block.

Not Lucy said...

When I posted this the blocks were in the opposite order so yours was on the far left. The one on the far left now is the one that is 9.5". Yours is 12.5".