Monday, September 7, 2009

What a week!

My little helper and I had a pretty good time this past week. I didn't get much done but he was a happy little guest at Grammyworld! He figured out that there are two little girls (5 and 7) next door and spent a lot of time playing with them. They ate blackberries and hazelnuts and apples that had fallen from the trees. They played on the slide and the helicopter and just ran around a lot. A few time he went up the hill with them to their house and got pushed on the big swing and got to see the chickens! In between he employed his version of Why? - What _____ for?

I got a little bit done around the house and in the sewing room but not much! I quilted the denim graduation quilt and the drawing quilt and got them finished and delivered. I also helped get a rummage sale at our church set up and running this weekend. I even got some meals made!

Yesterday while I was at church he and HIS Becca (Aunt Rebecca) got her car packed up and headed across the state to see his mommy, daddy and 'sisser'. I was happy to hear they made it safely and he is happy to be home.

I spent all day yesterday at the sale and then my husband and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's to find some fencing to keep Miss Lucy contained in the yard. We need to replace the chicken wire we put up 7 or 8 years ago that has gotten bent down to the point she can jump over it if I don't stay close enough to the house for her tastes!

Today is another day at least partly spent at the sale followed by getting it all packed up so St. Vinnie's can come and pick it up on Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow I will spend some time in the sewing room again. I have my sewing table cleaned off so I am thinking I will work on getting more flimsies finished off before moving on to the denim quilts. I have more company coming on October 3rd so the sewing room will have to be a bedroom again then.

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