Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Please Help!

This morning I went through my flimsies to see what I could get done while my sewing table is cleared off. This is what I came up with...
...nine quilt tops that need to be finished! This isn't all of them but some I am thinking I will be hand-quilting so I probably should add one of them to pile and get it sandwiched and basted for hand quilting! I think it will be Ludvina's Legacy.

In order on the pile (not necessarily the order they will be quilted) these flimsies are:

A 52"X56" denim quilt for my great nephew who recently injured his spinal cord in a swimming accident,
My Christmas Border Round Robin quilt,
Another Christmas quilt,
My 2002 Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop quilt,
A Disappearing 9-Patch quilt,
Yet another Christmas quilt,
A baby quilt,
My daughter's king-size T-shirt quilt,
And, last, but not least, my 2008 Western Washington Shop Hop quilt. I hope you will all help me keep on track.

Because of other commitments today I can only hope to get one or two of them sandwiched and basted but the first will be Ludvina's Legacy so I can get to the quilting this evening when I am watching some TV.

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