Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cleaning Up

Yesterday I finished getting all my projects ready to go for the retreat but then had to figure out what to do. I was inspired to work on the projects I am taking to the retreat but then I would have to get things ready all over again!

Looking around my sewing room I realized I need to work on cleaning a bit in case someone decides to come and visit and I have to create my guest room again!!!!

I didn't have a lot of time left yesterday so I started with a small plastic bag of fabric scraps and leftovers that some of my fellow quilters at the last retreat gave me since they know I will make good use of them. In it were a variety of things including 20 HSTs made from Christmas fabrics. I put them together as pinwheels and then laid them out and pulled out my Christmas fabrics and came up with this:
It is about 21" square and I hope to get it quilted and finished this weekend as a table topper/wall hanging that can be sold or given away.

When that is done I will move on to some rubber ducky fabrics leftover from a baby quilt that I think can be turned into another baby quilt top. When that is done I think I will turn 14 dog print squares into another baby quilt if I get some fabrics that will go with them.

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