Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was quite industrious today. I went back to the fabrics I found in that bag of scraps and pulled out the rubber ducky prints and put together the rest of the aqua and yellow pinwheels and trimmed them down so they would match up with the 6" squares I could get from the duck print to make this center of a baby quilt.
It needs a border but I don't have the right pink or purple that I want to use so I will have to head to JoAnn's tomorrow. All of this fabric came from there originally so I will see if they still have any of it or something that goes with it.

When that was done I still had time before I had any other plans so I pulled out the dog print blocks that were in that bag. I bought the red, blue and brown yesterday since I just didn't have anything of the right size in the right red or blue or brown. The yellow I had on hand. Decided to use all four colors in each of the 4-patch blocks and then had to figure out the edge triangles. Then had to figure out what to do for a border since any one of the 4 colors would have blended in with part of the triangles and I only have two extra squares of the dog print, so I went with one side of each color using the color that wasn't in the triangles on that side.

Sorry the pictures aren't great but I just didn't have the energy to hang them up higher so I pinned them to the edge of the ironing board!

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! I had fun playing in my sewing room!


Crystal Hendrix said...

Oh very pretty! Your imagination is nice! I wish I could put things together like that!

CraftyGryphon said...

How cute! I like the idea of the four-color border on the Dog Park quilt, too. I may borrow it for one of mine (if I ever get one of mine to that point...)!