Saturday, February 27, 2010

I still haven't gotten pictures taken of my retreat projects but I have been busy. I have been working on cleaning and sorting in the sewing room. I had several bags of fabric that were given to me by several different people along with a huge pile of jeans for denim quilts making it almost impossible to move around the room. I sorted all the fabric out and made 1 top and 4 backs for Lutheran World Relief quilts. It has been quite a while since I made any but I have a lot of fabric that I won't use for other quilts so I need to get to work using it up.

I also sorted out that bag of quilting fabric that I brought home from the retreat last week. There were some pieces that were obviously left over from projects and I pulled out some purples and greens and put together this little doll quilt.
I used only scraps from that bag for the front and the back and binding.

Today I continued with the sorting and tidying. I have one laundry basket full of 'projects'. Some are ones I started, others are items I got from others. I pulled out some blocks I started making quite a while ago using 2" squares and 3.5" squares from my scrap drawers. I finished putting together the rest and now I have 130 6.5" blocks. I think I will just sew them together into a top but I might do alternate them with 6.5" squares of some fabric which means I would get two quilts out of the 130 blocks. I will play around with them more tomorrow.

The floor still has some piles but it is improving and I am feeling good about it!

My goal for this week is to get two cushions made for my friends' window seat and maybe a couple of pillows also. I want to have that project out of the house before the weekend of the 13th/14th since I will probably have my two grandkids here for a week at Grammy World without their parents who are going to have a little vacation at home.

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