Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here goes nothing

My kids think I should have a blog so they can keep track of what I am up to. I figured, why not? I think I just figured out the answer to that one. When you actually sit down to write a post, your mind goes blank. Not that there was much there to begin with but totally blank? That is just not fair.

My house is finally getting back to 'normal'. At least the refrigerator is back in the kitchen along with the dishwasher so the great room is functional again. I even vacuumed. Well, most of the floor anyway. I also finally took down the Christmas cards. Now I need to go frost my birthday cake for Girl's Night this evening (I know, my birthday was over a month ago but that power outage just didn't make for a festive birthday).


Chelsea said...

Now if you don't post for a few days do I get to bug you? :)

Not Lucy said...

You can try but it probably won't do you much good!

Karen said...

Hey! We had fun last night! Yum yum hot buttered rum! Happy Birthday!