Monday, January 29, 2007

I must be a bad parent

I have sent my kids off to camp, sent one off to Germany, sent two girls off to college - one in Alaska! - and I even sent my little baby boy off to scary Aunt Karla's for Christmas; but this morning I was totally irresponsible as a parent...I left my child at the train station with her bike. I am 'letting' her go on a big adventure, riding across the United States, by herself. Though, anyone who knows Rebecca, knows that I am not really 'letting' her. I have no more power over her than I do over the wind. She is herself a force of nature and so I watch her go with great love and concern and lots and lots of prayers! Be safe!


Anonymous said...

My dear auntie, perhaps because I am pregnant again, I cried when I read your post. I have a difficult enough time leaving my boys with grandma and grandpa for an hour or two. May God be with Becca and you!--Jody

Rebecca said...

ahh... my dear whiney mother...I am fine

Not Lucy said...

Yes, but you haven't started the riding part yet!