Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ungrateful Spawn

My last post must have been true because not one of my three spawn really argued that I am a wonderful mother and one (he shall remain nameless) actually asked, "So what's new?"

On a brighter note, I had a fun with my crafting friends last night and even got the last two sides of the borders on my Dresden Plate quilt. This evening I put two borders on Karla's round robin quilt. I think I just have one more to do something on and then I just wait for mine to come back to me. So far only Rebecca's top is finished and it is off to Deb for quilting already along with another top of mine. Also this evening I finished ripping Katie's last two donations to my denim pile. I really need to get cutting and then sewing so I can cause that pile to at least shrink if not disappear for at least a short time.

More for me, but possibly of interest to others, I have added a list off to the right keeping track of my sewing for this year. I am trying to get some things finished off but in her comment to my last post Jody announced that she will be providing me with another Great Niece/Nephew in September so I guess that adds another quilt to my list of projects to get busy with.

January was a good month for our appliance repair business. Actually, our best month ever! Good for the bank account but hard on our aging bodies. I look forward to my little vacation at the end of February when I get to go to beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene for a quilt retreat. Always a highlight of my winter/spring.


Ungrateful Spawn I said...

I did not want to cater to your shameless fishing for compliments but since you insist. You are a wonderful mother, you know it, I know it, we all know it, now the internet at large knows it. I am more in debt to that fact that I am likely ever to realize.
Kiss kiss. Hug hug. Lots of love.

ktdodat said...

you know even though I am a borrowed ungrateful spawn, you never do seem to call with concern over whether I am dead or not if you haven't heard from me in a day or two...

Not Lucy said...

I call if I don't hear from you for a day or two. By the way, when are you coming over?