Friday, December 21, 2007

The birthday is over

My final birthday gift came yesterday from my sister. A Christmas story book, not the Christmas story but a Christmas story about a little girl, a monkey and an organ grinder. I might read it to Layden but it might be a bit beyond him yet!

I have been keeping busy. Thinking about what to do with my birthday fabrics and working on the quilting of my Christmas quilt. I have 9 more squares to quilt and the sashings and borders around them. Then I can get the binding on and use it on Christmas Eve or maybe Christmas Day. I have baking to do but luckily my family doesn't expect too many goodies. Mostly its the Chex Party Mix that needs to get made so they will not starve on Christmas Day since my rule is that I don't cook on Christmas! That ended about 20 years ago when I was busy making Christmas dinner in the kitchen and the children and their father were having fun in the living room and dining room watching movies and playing games. Now we lay around all day and it is awesome!

We did some food shopping today so we should have most of what we need for next week. Larry is done with work for the rest of the year. The grandbaby arrives on Monday (as long as the pass stays open!) and life is good!

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