Monday, December 17, 2007

An excellent day!

At least so far! You see, it's my birthday! I got packages ready for mailing first thing this morning and then went out to run an errand and when it was done I stopped off at a LQS to use my birthday coupon entitling me to a discount of half my age - the one place that values age!!! I saw this quilt online this morning and decided I would use my discount on fabric to make a similar one. Mine will be in blue, yellow, green and white instead of the orange, green, brown and white since they are my favorite color combination! I told my husband that he did a great job of picking out my birthday present this year! His only question was "How generous was I?"

My two best friends (and drinking buddies) took me out to a very nice lunch which included a bottle of champagne and a lovely dessert. They also gave me these two lovely gifts which they are planning to share! We are hoping to have the "Perfect Hot Toddies in front of the gas stove sometime after the holidays and I am sure we will manage to work the Kahlua chocolate fondue in sometime soon also! We are nothing if not willing to try new things!

When my little boy got home from school he presented me with a lovely gift also - a Paul Potts CD One Chance.

We will go out for my birthday dinner on Wednesday since that is the last day of school before Christmas and the boy doesn't need to get home so early!

Tomorrow our new propane tank will be delivered and we might be able to have fire tomorrow night! I won't be home since it will be craft night and I am bringing a from scratch German Chocolate Cake for a treat! I hope to spend the day getting presents wrapped so they can move out of my sewing room!


chook said...

Happy Birthday Lucy I hope you had a wonderful Day
Hugs Beth

Knitted Gems said...
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Knitted Gems said...

I just love the present you picked out for yourself.