Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doing my part

If you have heard any news reports this week you know that western Washington go a little bit of rain and snow Saturday - Monday of this week. We are very lucky and have had no real problems. Larry got delayed in getting home on Monday and it was very wet and the power went out a couple times for short periods but we were lucky. Elsewhere in our county and the rest of western Washington bridges washed out, homes were flooded or destroyed, trees came down, lives were lost, sinkholes opened up in roads and even I-5 is closed under up to 10 feet of water! As I said, we were very lucky!

One of the Seattle TV/radios stations was accepting donations to help flood victims today over in Renton at IKEA. I had really wanted to donate some of my quilts when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans but it just didn't seem to work out so today I piled 9 denim quilts, 5 crazy quilts and one other quilt into my car along with some food and other items and drove over to Renton and dropped them off. By 1 pm they had one semi full and enough piled alongside it to fill another semi and they are collecting until 11 tonight! It is overwhelming! I am just glad I had the opportunity to give something when we are so blessed!

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