Saturday, December 15, 2007

...a lot...

Ornaments are on the tree, boxes are back in the attic and I am tired! I probably don't even have half of my ornaments on the tree but it is full enough. I still have a couple of little trees I will put somewhere for a bit of extra color. There is also some tidying to do but I have at least 5 less boxes going back into the attic than I took down. Two are definitely going to the thrift store, some was trash (lights that don't work, anyone?) and some I might decide to put on eBay (Christmas Corelle and various mugs and glasses). There are still various items that need a little glue or ironing or whatever, but a good day all in all!

We are heading to a Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and are supposed to each bring the requisite white elephant gift so while I was in the attic today I brought down a couple of priceless treasures from the white elephant gift box. Several great things to choose from. Tomorrow I will post pictures of what we took to the party and what we are forced to bring home! You can decide whether we traded up or down.

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Knitted Gems said...

Your tree looks beautiful!