Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two finished

Last night was quilt guild night so as usual I brought along some hand work. This time bindings. I finished the binding on this little chicken doll quilt

and got almost all the way around this baby quilt.

After I got home I finished the baby quilt while watching a little TV. The doll quilt is one that I will take to Relay for Life next weekend as a part of our fund-raising. The baby quilt just needs the label with the baby's name and birthdate and I can sell it to my friend who is giving it as a gift.

At the guild meeting I sat across from one member who is working on a yo-yo quilt using about dime sized yo-yos. She has about 10,000 yo-yos in it so far and it is maybe lap quilt sized. She plans on making it king-size! I would have stopped at doll quilt sized! I should have taken a picture of it to share with you all!

Yesterday I got the back to the t-shirt quilt made (since I found the fabric again) and got it sandwiched and started on the quilting. I would have finished it but ran out of time before my pedicure!

Today I plan to finish that and since the sun is shining this morning and it isn't supposed to rain today I hope to spend at least a little while outside.


ROZ said...

Your baby quilt is a unique color scheme!

Not Lucy said...

I didn't choose it. They are transportation prints that have black, blue, red or tan backgrounds. There are planes, train, automobiles, trucks, tractors, construction equipment, army vehicles, monster trucks and motorcycles and maybe some other things I don't remember.