Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working on it

Here is a picture of the big girl quilt on the sewing machine being quilted. This was taken yesterday.
I finished the quilting and got the binding on by 1 pm and figured I could get the hand-sewing done last evening. Well, that didn't quite happen.

You see, I went outside to take advantage of our unusual sunshine and first cleaned up my husband's roofing mess and then used the 'walk-behind' mower to take care of the inner yard. About that time my husband got home and we loaded up the trailer with the cans full of roofing materials and took them to the dump. When we got home I did some mowing and then decided to roto-till the areas of the berry garden that aren't covered with serious weeds. When that was done I had to water my hydrangeas, rhodies and lilacs along with my tomatoes. My body was done with outside work then but when I got in I saw the strawberries and knew I needed to get some cleaned for strawberry shortcake snack. Then I was finally able to get in the shower. It was so nice to be clean!

I did get about 1/3 of the binding hand sewn last night and I plan to work on it while I have my coffee in a few minutes but then I need to make chex party mix and some cookies for my little boy and also for my niece, Katie, and I on our Quilt Shop Hop road trip tomorrow and Friday.

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ROZ said...

Ok, you have my head spinning. Busy lady