Monday, July 5, 2010

Where to begin...

It has been almost two weeks since my last post! And so much has been happening but not post writing! I did get the binding on the quilt finished and here it is:Here is a close-up of one of the cats on one end...
...and one of the dogs on the other end.
I positioned the cats and dogs so that they are right side up at the pillow and my niece, Katie, pointed out that if you are cuddled under the quilt you can look down and see the cats/dogs at the bottom of the quilt right side up too.

Katie and I had a good time on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. We spent two full days going to shops from Vancouver to Anacortes and Ocean Shores to Duvall. We made it to over 20 shops in all. We planned our route after looking at the blocks on the poster and ruling out those that had ugly/stupid blocks. We still ended up with some duds but they were mostly almost directly on our way to another shop. Along the way we picked out many fabrics for the wedding quilt that we will be making later this month for my daughter. It isn't as much of a rush now since the wedding has been changed to mid to late October but summer is a good time to get it done.

Katie then rode with me across the mountains to pick up the grandkids for a week of mayhem and fun. It was everything we expected and more but didn't allow for much sewing or computer time! They are getting so big and they play very well together but still need lots of attention. Included in the week's events were haircuts for both of them. Layden got a buzz and Clara got a her bangs cut and the back and sides trimmed up a bit.

I did get a couple of hours to do some sewing on two separate days during naps. I made a pillowcase to match the big girl quilt which made a great gift bag and I got my 4 Quilt Block Exchange blocks done for June.

I got them all cut out and then, even with my grandson's help, I got them all sewn before the little one woke up!

On Friday Papa and I took the kids home and stayed with them for a day. We got to spend a little time with our son and his girlfriend also.

We drove home yesterday to avoid all the holiday traffic but took the long way so we could stop and see our other daughter and check out the probable wedding venue. We got home about 11 hours after we left our daughter's house which is only about 5.5 hours away!

This week I plan to get five blocks done for my WIMM QBRR 2010. Katie dropped off three to add to the two I already had! I think that once I get those done I will only have one more to do on that round robin. Other plans for this week include ripping more jeans for denim quilts - a great job for out on the deck in the afternoon so I don't make a mess in the house - cutting denim, making shop hop blocks and maybe making a few doll quilts. I also need to get work done outside - first up, mowing all the grass/weeds!

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