Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just when you think things will calm down, they don't! Last week went by so quickly with going to work 4 of the 5 days. Saturday I did manage to get the wedding quilt basted, in spite of not having good supports for the frame. I also got some work done in the yard, starting to prepare for the two Sky Chairs that will be delivered on Thursday by Oli, our UPS guy. Here you can see where they will hang from the flowering cherry tree.
Since this picture was taken I have whacked back the forsythia bush there in the middle but I still need to dig it out. I might try transplanting it elsewhere but we shall see! The large clump of day lilies on the right will be dug up in the next couple of days by some friends for their yard.

My husband is continuing work on the garage roof and on Sunday we took a trip to the dump with the final load of roofing and the 5 cans of junk I didn't want out of the greenhouse. We got rid of a total of 1320 pounds! On the way home we stopped at Home Depot for plywood for the roof since we had the trailer anyway. Once we were home I got busy outside and mowed some grass and took care of whacking back that forsythia and then I cleaned out the flower bed around our little wishing well. I dug everything out so I could get rid of the weeds and just put back the peonies. It looked pretty sad so I ran into town and got some pansies and violas to fill in.

Yesterday I had an appointment at the doctor to get some warts removed that have been driving me nuts on my right hand. He froze off all 13 of them and boy did my hand hurt yesterday afternoon and evening! Even though I am left-handed, it is amazing how much I use my right hand! Today it is doing better as long as I don't touch any of the spots. I am hoping I can do some hand quilting while I watch TV today! Unfortunately it is cooler out today so it would be a great day to dig out that forsythia!

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