Monday, July 19, 2010


What a whirlwind weekend! My niece and I had a good drive to my sister's on Wednesday and bright and early on Thursday we started deciding on fabrics (the bride and groom chose brown and robin's egg blues/teals for the color scheme) and then cutting. Everything was cut (as we thought) by 11 or so and we got started with the piecing. At one point we had three sewing machines going with one designated presser! We had all the blocks finished on Thursday evening and Friday morning we started getting it together. I was hoping to have the border on by lunch but I miscalculated a little on one piece and put one side on backwards so it was delayed a little. A couple of quilting friends stopped by for lunch and to see the quilt and about that time my oldest daughter and her two kids arrived and things really got crazy!

On Saturday, the bride and groom and one of my sister's sons arrived for the day. Some biking, walking, shopping and yard work got done amid the visiting and relaxing.

Katie and I headed for home a little before 11 on Sunday after coffee and pastries in the back yard. Unfortunately there was a good bit of traffic so our 6-7 hour trip took closer to 9 hours!

I can't show any pictures of the quilt until October so make sure you come back. I will be spending a good bit of time until then working on the quilting and finishing once I get the backing!

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