Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop 2010

I have been working this last week on my blocks from the shop hop. I have most of them finished,

just three more that have more hand applique to go. Several of the above blocks will receive some embellishment after the quilting process (it is much easier to quilt before you add yo-yos). If you would like to see the individual blocks there are

As you can see there are 21 blocks so far and with the three more waiting for some hand applique I will have 24. We actually went to about 30 shops but several blocks got tossed because they were just plain ugly! I am not sure what the shop owners were thinking! I will use my leftover fabrics to make at least 6 more blocks probably to make a nice sized quilt. I hope to get that quilt finished this summer.

Today I am picking up my niece, Katie, for another road trip. This time over to my sister's in Idaho so the 4 of us (Karla -my sister- and her two daughters, Katie and Brita, and me) can get the wedding quilt top put together. We hope to get the top done tomorrow and Friday because on Friday my oldest daughter and my two grandkids and their dog will be arriving so little sewing will happen! Then on Saturday my second daughter and her fiance will arrive for the day bringing my sister's second son. It should be quite the party! We will then only be missing my husband, my sister's oldest son and my son, though they have been invited!.

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Crystal Hendrix said...

Wow that it impressive!! Good job!