Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Western Washington finally has summer! It went from being in the 50s last week up into the 90s yesterday. Luckily my house stays pretty cool though with the windows closed the sewing room can be kind of stuffy. In spite of that I got the rest of my WIMM Round Robin blocks finished so I can bring them with me next week when I head to my sister's to make the wedding quilt. I can't show pictures of these because this is a secret round robin with the reveal later this fall probably.

After those blocks were done I grabbed the red/black/white top that I made from the leftovers of my granddaughter's quilt and added some borders. I decided to use a fluffier poly batting and just tie the quilt and it is so soft and fluffy. It will be a great baby quilt.

I made up three little broken dishes blocks from leftover triangles and got those put away and today I am going to make shop hop blocks.

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