Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buzy Month!

Here it is:

May Tally

LWR - 1 backs and 7 top
Doll/Wall Quilts - 1 top and back (chicken disappearing 9-patch)
Quilt Block Exchange Blocks - 4
Quilt Block Round Robin Blocks - 3
Tops - 3 (Triangles, Transportation and T-shirt)
Quilted - 7 (2 children's quilts, 1 denim, Disappearing 9-Patch, Crazy Quilt, 2 baby quilts)

Totes - 3

Another thing my niece and I did this weekend was start planning for this year's Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. If you live in this area and you have never done the shop hop, you might want to try it at least on a small scale. This year we are planning on 34 shops in 2 days and we will be going from Lynden to Vancouver and all the way over to Ocean Shores. Should be fun!


ktdodat said...

try counting your tops again, you list three, but only claim two... unless you are only giving yourself half credit for the ones I "helped" with?

Not Lucy said...

Ooops! That happened when I changed how I was listing things. Good catch! You should get credit for helping with the two tops! Thanks again!