Monday, May 31, 2010

7 tops and 2 backs

It looks impressive as a title but in reality not really that big a deal. One of the backs was for the baby quilt I finished on Sunday. When I was done with that I was going to put together the back for the t-shirt quilt but I couldn't find all of the fabric. I dug through the sewing room, looking in all the possible places. I just couldn't put my hands on it.

Obviously my sewing room is just too messy if I can't find a 1 1/2 yard piece of fabric. I had a paper grocery sack full of fabric that I have been meaning to make into Lutheran World Relief quilt tops. I was asked by the ladies at church to make a few for them to tie in the next couple of months so I decided I would use up that bag of fabric and get busy. I have spent most of today working on them and I have finished 7 tops and one back. These quilts aren't anything you would put in a quilt show but they will protect someone from the cold or the weather or provide a floor. I usually start putting the bigger pieces of fabric together like a puzzle until it comes out to 60" X 80". The backs are 64" X 84" so that the extra can be wrapped to the front to form the binding.

I still have some smaller pieces to work with so now that my break is over it is time to get back to it.

Oh, I did find that piece of fabric, hiding in a basket under a couple of round robin blocks I need to work on.

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