Saturday, May 29, 2010

Missed a few days

but I haven't been idle.

Let's see...first I made some blocks for the QBRR 2010. Here is Chisholm Trail for Michele

and two batik leaves for Wendy

You can see pictures of all of Michele's and Wendy's blocks over at flickr. I got a large batch of Chex Party Mix made up and packaged for my kids and took it and all the blocks for the swaps to the post office.

Then I got started on preparing t-shirts for a quilt. This is being made for a high school graduation gift. My niece Katie came over on Thursday evening and on Friday we got this top together and I got the borders on it this morning.

We made some Tomalito from the Chevy's restaurant cookbook and then got ourselves showered and headed to the fabric stores to get a couple more transportation prints for a baby quilt I have been wanting to put together. I had a number of transportation rail fence blocks given to me but I needed more to make it a decent baby quilt size. We also got more of the fabric between the t-shirt pieces so I can use it for the back (it was sale fabric) and then the other fabric store had a table of 30% off fabrics so I picked out several fabrics that read as solids since I am a little low on lot of colors.

While we waited for the fabric to prewash and our chicken dinner to bake we set about re-sorting my stash. We took everything out of the bins and got everything back in and tidy. I even labeled the bins. The fabric isn't folded to the same size but I had my husband cut down an old small cutting mat into a size guide that will make it much easier to make them more uniform in the future. Maybe I will post a picture of my tidied stash sometime.

After dinner we cut what we needed for the baby quilt and laid it out and got all the blocks put together and since I figured it wouldn't take too long I got all the blocks together into a top. Tomorrow I will decide on borders and get a back put together so that can get finished and if my friend likes it I will be selling it! WooHoo!

Katie headed home a little while ago as she needs to meet someone at church in the morning and I turned out the lights in the sewing room for another day.

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