Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Bag

I hadn't done much in my sewing room this week because I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get some yard work done. Yesterday and the day before I worked at weeding the strawberries as they are blooming and the berries are starting to form. I got both rows weeded but about halfway down the first side of the second row there was a rustle in the berries and suddenly a little bird was dragging its wing down the path. It was the first time I have seen this in person but the bird (an Oregon Junco) was trying to draw me away from its nest.It isn't easy to see in the picture but the nest is a little to the left of the middle with one little egg in it. Mom and Dad Junco scolded me until I finally finished the weeding. I haven't been back down there since yesterday but I hope they are settled back into their nest.

The past two days I got 3 tote bags cut out and interfaced and ready to sew so today I got busy (after a fashion) and got the first one put together.
This one is for my sister-in-law in Colorado. We picked out the fabric when I was down there last month. I guess Monday I will need to make a trip down to the post office and get it in the mail.

The other two bags are out of the same fabric (and actually are the same as this one). One of them is spoken for but the other will be available for sale. A friend was here today and saw my bag so I will be making one for her also - she likes purple and pink.

Now it is time for a shower and a neck rub - my shoulders have been killing me today from all the weeding so I told hubby when he got home that he was going to have to take care of them for me! I should have had him do it last night and I might have gotten more sewing done today!

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