Sunday, May 2, 2010

Off like a herd of turtles...

The weather here in Western Washington is working to my advantage. It has been a bit rainy and cloudy so I am not feeling too guilty for spending time in the sewing room getting ready for the quilt show.

Yesterday I finished the second back and got both quilts to the hand-sewing stage on the binding and still felt like I could do more so I put together the back for a denim quilt and got it quilted and the binding on it too! In the evening I got one of the bindings finished while we watched "The Lovely Bones" and got started on the next.

Today got a child's play quilt basted and quilted and got the binding on ready for the hand sewing and then got four more backs ready for basting. One was for another play quilt so I got that one basted and ready to quilt in the morning. I also cleaned off the sewing table so I can baste the next three which are a bit bigger and will need close to the full 80" length of the table. Maybe I will get one basted tomorrow after I quilt the little quilt.

A friend gave me four of her quilts to hang in the quilt show and I should be getting at least another 10-15 from others so it won't just be a lucysquilts show.

I will post pictures as I get some of the quilts finished and keep you updated on my progress.

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