Monday, May 24, 2010

Triangles and Hexagons

So here is an update on the triangle quilt.
I have started a border but ran out of black Kona cotton so I had to cut some off my bolt and get it prewashed. I hope to get that finished this afternoon so I can post a finished flimsy picture!

This next picture is one of those little gifts I receive every so often - someone else's UFO that they give up on.

I have a feeling the quilter gave up on this because she wasn't happy with how the flowers were going together. Maybe she was doing really well and then placed one wrong and ended up with a gap that needed filling with a green hexagon and then another gap that needed several green hexagons and just wasn't happy with the results. Whatever her reason for stopping and giving it away I now have the 'privilege' of finishing this one. After looking it over I think I am going to either take it apart partially and make it so the flowers are all right next to each other with no green gaps or I will take it apart totally and do organized green spots. Either way, there will be some ripping out involved. It might even end up as two quilts since there are about 20 more flowers waiting to be made and somewhere around 60 flowers all put together.


tubakk said...

How nice of you to finish another person's work. You have plenty of work on this, but it will be pretty in the end.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love how you got all those triangles of many, many different sizes and prints to work so well together! A true inspiration... I am still working on my triangles! Cheers! Evelyn