Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Made It!

through the quilt show that is! Here is a teaser photo to give you an idea of how things were set up.
For more pictures you can go over to flickr to see all the pictures taken by my daughter.

We had about 50 larger quilts on display and quite a few mini and doll quilts. There were also a number of quilts for sale. Unfortunately the weather was beautiful for the first time in a while so we didn't have very good attendance. It was disappointing but we left up some of the quilts so members of the congregation could see a bit of what they may have missed the day before and also had the sale quilts available. This was a good thing since we sold most of them following worship! It ended up being a pretty good fund-raiser but next year we will again do the show in March when nice weather isn't as likely so we might get better attendance.

For me the stars of the show were these two (my grandchildren)...

but for others this probably won the prize!
This is my niece, Katie's, Dear Jane quilt. She started it several years ago and we finished doing the hand-sewing on the binding the night before the show. It is truly spectacular!

I am now trying to get things put away again around the house after having grandkids here and taking quilts to the show. I also need to get out in the yard whenever the weather allows and I have several projects to get finished soon including two more tote bags and a t-shirt quilt for a high school graduate!

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