Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another top

Amazingly, I got another denim top done. In spite of the interruptions. I even made bread! This top is out of more or Rebecca's Carhartts, this time brown and green with a little camouflage thrown in. Then next one will be a little different than most of my denim tops so I am anxious to get started on it tomorrow.
One interruption was a call from Rebecca down in Texas. She broke a spoke and needed some help getting in contact with someone who might be able to pick her up and help her get her wheel fixed. She is now in Houston somewhere with a Warm Shower contact.
My throat is feeling a little strange this evening. I hope it doesn't mean I am starting to catch something. I really don't have time for that!


ktdodat said...

it looks grey and pink

Not Lucy said...

Yeah, the flash will do that sometimes, but it is definitely brown and green.

Carol Harris said...

I really love this pattern. I have been looking at it for the past year and would lover to have the instructions to use up my year's worth of denim savings. I signed up a couple of weeks ago and am now getting your newsletter, but am still waiting and hoping for the instructions too.