Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have been working hard this week to get some projects done before the hoards descend beginning tomorrow. I got to stay home yesterday and today and will be home again tomorrow so that has helped immensely. Tomorrow evening I will pick up my adorable grandson and his wonderful mother and we will head down to Olympia for a friend's wedding. Olaus will head directly over to our house to hang with 'the boys' for the evening. Saturday the plan is to 'do' Seattle or at least part of it for Karina's benefit. She is my sister's Ukrainian exchange student 'daughter' who will be heading home at the end of June. Either that evening or Sunday after church everyone will be at our house. Nothing makes a house seem quite so small as 6 adults, 4 teenagers, a toddler and a poodle. Tomorrow I will finish up some things, do laundry, make cookies and get the sewing room turned into a guest room. If I have some extra time I might even do a little mowing since the weather is supposed to be pretty nice I believe.


ktdodat said...

I am not quite sure on the numbers, but 7 adults, 3 teenagers, a poodle and no floor or walls in the middle of the house was a bigger adventure.

Not Lucy said...

Yes, that was an adventure but then we didn't care what happened to the floors and walls, etc. Now we do and we threw in that toddler!