Saturday, March 3, 2007

Rice bag here I come

I finished another denim top on Friday as you can see. Today I got started on one of the quilts I am doing for a silent auction. It is using the leftovers from the quilt top that Karla and I made last weekend. I have my half square triangles sewn and pressed and now I am trimming them to size.
Took a break to help Jakob make kuchen for 'culture points' for his German grade. The batch made 12 so he might be able to bring in enough for his whole class if I give him a ride to school. Then since I was baking I got bread dough made and even whipped up a pie for Larry since he can't have the kuchen. I think he will be making knepfla for dinner tomorrow night for additional points.
While the dough was rising I went out and worked on pruning the biggest apple tree. I got done what I had energy for and the rest will probably need a ladder.
Now I think I need to heat up the rice bag and use it on my shoulders for a bit.

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