Sunday, March 18, 2007

OK it is really twill

I got another top done this weekend! This one is actually twill and not denim. The colors are light khaki, olive green and navy but the green looks more gray and the khaki more cream in the picture. The pattern is a bit different because I wanted to use up the pieces I had - that is the great thing about this pattern. The next one will use up most of the pieces from Rebecca's old Carhartts - brown and green and a little camo mixed in. I also got lots more of my ripped denim cut into blocks. I still have a box I would like to get cut up so I have more varieties of denim to work into the quilts.
Speaking of Rebecca...I chatted with her this evening. She rode out of Austin today after seeing the sights with Oscar, one of her triathelete friends. She sounds good and is having a great time. Less than half the way to go now.

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amandajean said...

wow! this is really beautiful! I just found your blog (through flickr) and I am amazed at how much you have accomplished this year already. nice work!