Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two nights on a hotel bed = aches and pains

No new quilt tops done, no trees pruned but I feel like I have done several of each this weekend. Larry and I went down to Husom/White Salmon to visit with the kids and grand kid and Oli's folks. We drove down on Friday evening, leaving Jakob to his own devices.
We stayed at The Inn of the White Salmon, a nice bed and breakfast, with the emphasis on the breakfast. Saturday we drove up to Joy and Frank's.
Larry got some rough sawn lumber from Frank for his workbench and Chelsea and I made an excursion to Portland to Fabric Depot. We had a bit of a slow start but I managed to fill the cart with bolts of fabric. I discovered that Chelsea likes much the same types of prints that I do so she was not much help in cutting back! Unfortunately, I was unable to get my 60" black Kona bolt so I will have to order that when they get some in. That could slow me down some on the denim quilts. I also got to spend a little time with the most beautiful little boy in the world. Each time I see him I am so amazed that one little boy can be so happy all the time. Even when you take something away from him he just smiles and moves on to the next interesting thing. We are all so blessed.
Larry is feeling a bit under the weather so I got to do all the driving. It is only about 4 hours but still I am a bit sore from the drive.


Chelsea said...

Trust me he doesn't always just smile and move on.

Not Lucy said...

Yes, he does. He just makes notes and comes back later when you aren't looking! You need to get those eyes on the back of your head checked out!