Saturday, September 15, 2007

5 backs, 1 top

Thursday I got backs put together out of flannel I had on hand for the 5 crazy quilt tops that I finished this week and I got started on 16 blocks using a kelly green strip diagonally down the middle of each block then used strips to fill in the sides.

Yesterday was spent running around doing all the errands that I saved up over the course of the week so I didn't get much sewing done so...

This morning I finished up the squares. I used up all of the kelly green for the diagonals so I found some forest green strips left over from the sides of backs from Christmas quilts several years ago to make the lattice and the borders. I like regular crazy quilt blocks but this is a bit faster and easier and is fun to arrange with that center strip.

Also today, I have been tearing up construction paper into little pieces so my little boy can make a poster for school (did I mention that he is 17 and a senior?). I am willing to help out because he has a rather heavy load this trimester with 4 history classes and English because he needs to get all his required classes in before he heads of for a year as an exchange student to New Zealand! He will be leaving somewhere around the end of January/beginning of February.

Now my husband is working on taking out one of the windows in my sewing room to replace it so it matches the rest of the windows on that side of the house. Hopefully he doesn't have to rip out the trim in the inside but that might happen and I will have to do a lot of rearranging in here so we can get to the window area.

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