Monday, September 3, 2007

Fairly Productive Weekend

Had a great visit with our daughter, son-in-law and adorable grandson this weekend. Layden had a bit of a cold but that didn't deter him from playing with all the cool new stuff Grammy and Grandpa brought in their car! Most of the toys were for outside - his favorite place to be, especially if it involves dirt and lots of it! He even got to help Grandpa and Daddy do work with TOOLS! His favorite is the cordless screwdriver. He tends to use up most of the battery power so it is tough for Daddy to get a project done!

Meanwhile, his mom and I did some quilting. Chelsea finished a top for Project Linus and got it sandwiched, basted, quilted and even got the binding machine sewn on. She is currently working on the hand sewing. Chelsea has been very busy the last few weeks. She made 4 'quiltlets' and I got to choose my favorite that she will finish for me. She also has three cute little doll quilt tops made. Her neighbor, Gail, came over for a little quilting tutorial on Saturday also. She is doing pretty well and is very enthusiastic. I think she has her top all done and is working on the quilting already and she just started cutting on Saturday!

We also did some jam making (we got nectarines from the farmer's market) and canning (pears we bought on our way over and applesauce made from apples we brought from home).

I finished the bindings on the two baby quilts that I quilted last week so that is two more items to the finished column! Awesome! I also made this little sample 'quiltlet' when I helping Gail and Chelsea that I will either finish off as is, with some borders or enlarge into a lap quilt. This evening I will probably finish the label for the auction baby quilt and either work on my fall swap quilt or work on the design for an idea I got while at Chelsea's. Either way, I will be sitting in my recliner with my feet up. I got to drive the second leg of our trip home today across Snoqualmie Pass - about 140 miles in 4 hours! Larry did the first leg of 150 miles in about 2 hours! So not fair!


ROZ said...

My! You sure are a busy person. And Chelsea must take after you.

Not Lucy said...

She has her moments when she takes after me...but luckily I can still run faster! Just kidding! Yeah, I guess I wasn't as bad a mother as they thought growing up! :-)