Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I got the label for the baby auction quilt finished last night and about half an hour later the owner called to see if it was done so she could stop by and pick it up! When she got here we discovered that I made a mistake on the weight; 9 oz. instead of 12! So Carol went home without her quilt and I had to pick out the 9 and get 12 in its place. It turned out very well and Carol will come by this morning to pick it up for real!

This picture shows a little serendipity. When I chose the font to use for the label (I print the info on paper and then trace it onto the fabric) I was looking for a fun font that would be easy to embroider. When I had the label ready to go on the quilt I laid it on the front and discovered that I had chosen the exact font that the preprinted blocks were done in and I had done the embroidery in green just like the blocks!

I have just a few more minutes of quilting to do on my fall swap quilt and then I can work on the embellishments and decide if they are a good idea or not!

I really need to tidy the sewing room soon because my brother and his wife are coming at the end of September for a visit and they deserve a decent guest room. I am guessing I will put some stuff in the attic to get it out of the way. I just need to bring it all back down when they are gone and get with cleaning that stuff out! Before they arrive I also need to make some decisions about what to take to the quilt retreat at the beginning of next month. Once I get the cleanup and decision making done I will chose one project to work on so I don't make a big mess again. Maybe crazy quilt blocks!

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