Saturday, September 22, 2007

James Martin's Quilt Ready to Go

I got the label on this baby quilt for my new great-nephew, James Martin. He was born last Saturday in Maryland. His Grandma and Grandpa will be here next week for a visit and they will take it home to him when they go back. My brother will be here for his 40th high school reunion.

These are the two doll quilts I made from the leftover blocks from the wall quilts. I got them quilted and bound and washed to see which method of quilting is going to look best. Before washing I like the stipple in the larger of the two over the diagonal quilting in the smaller one.

After washing I reversed my feelings. After it was washed the focus squares in the stippled quilt were puffy and I am sure the wall quilts will need washing since they will be in a preschool classroom! I also don't think that the diagonal lines through the focus squares detract that much from the fabric so I think I will go with that for the bigger quilts. Let me know your thoughts. I probably won't get around to quilting them for a week or so because of company coming and needing my sewing room for sleeping!

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