Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another off the list

I am slowly getting the sewing room cleaned out. It is slow going because instead of just putting things in a cabinet or in the attic I keep thinking "It will only take a short while to just finish that and then it can be put where it really belongs" (wherever that might be).

These pictures are of one such project. At first I was just going to get it pin basted so I could quilt it at my upcoming retreat but then I started the quilting and I was hooked. This doll quilt is a 'slashed fat quarter' that I used for a tutorial for my friends with whom I might be doing a Slash the Fat Quarter Round Robin.

Another project that I just decided to finish was a Tom & Jerry panel that I quilted poorly, long ago that just needed a binding. I just have to finish the hand sewing on the binding and that can go off to Project Linus instead of taking up space in the sewing room.

I started getting things together to take to the quilt retreat and I think I am going to take a lot less than I usually do, at least I am going to try to! Most of the time I take way more projects that I could ever get done in a week, let alone a weekend. I am trying to be a bit more practical this time. Though it is important to bring more than one project just in case you aren't in the right mood or you need something to work on when you are sleep deprived that you can't ruin!


Juliann in WA said...

Just found your blog today - not even sure how- and I love your slashed fat quarter quilt. It reminds me of the quilts from Gees bend. Great stuff.

Mia said...

I am finding the same thing happening to me. I am also trying to clean up the studio and keep finding things that only need a little bit of work to finish them off. But at least the projects are being finished.