Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kinda Crazy

I haven't been doing much sewing on the machine recently because I have found that using a foot pedal is much like driving a car, in that it is hard on my plantar faciitis. Yesterday I suddenly remembered that I have at least 3 sewing machines that have a lever so you can sew using pressure from your leg. I moved my "husband's" Singer 301 (which is housed in my mother's 301 cabinet) into my sewing room and started sewing with that. It seems to work out well.

I decided to do some work on crazy quilt blocks since I didn't have any other project out handy and got 9 more completed. Then I got to thinking that since I had 56 10 1/2" blocks I should maybe start putting some together. I used purple sashing to put the blocks together into a child's play quilt. Because I use pieces of an old sheet as a foundation for the blocks I think I will just put a flannel back on it and do an overall stipple type machine quilting and it will be a good weight for cuddling, making tents, and other imaginative uses. I have enough of the purple to do another this size and then I will need to make some more blocks. I recently found some other crazy quilt blocks that I had made that are other sizes so I want to make enough of any size to make a quilt and then I will go back to just one size to keep it simple.

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Libby said...

I love your crazy blocks - the effect of the skinny strips I really like...