Thursday, August 30, 2007

Label time

The winner of this quilt at the auction in April called today to see about having a label put on it for her first grandchild born yesterday. She dropped by with the quilt this evening and I got started on the label. I need to have the label done and on the quilt by next Wednesday evening so she can take it down to San Francisco next Thursday when they head down to see the baby. I am probably half done with the embroidery and then I just need to get it on there.

I am pretty much ready for the trip to see my grandbaby tomorrow. Just need to start loading the van and make sure I get all the stuff in there. It is nice that I won't have to leave quilting behind this trip since I will be doing some teaching.


ROZ said...

Wishing you joy on that visit to see your grandbaby!

ROZ said...

Alicia, I want to warn you to look out for bogus comments on your blog. I saw that I received a suspicious comment and deleted it. They tried to send me a virus.