Monday, August 20, 2007

So here is Chelsea's first quilt all finished. It turned out really nicely I think. The backing fabric was one that Chelsea and I both liked quite well at Fabric Depot when we were there in February. We kind of talked about it being the inspiration fabric for her next baby's quilt. I guess we will have to move on to option two - chickens. Though she is also rather fond of the baby quilts I am working to finish now.

Chelsea is starting to catch the quilting bug but she thinks her next project will be much smaller - a doll quilt possibly. Her new neighbor is interested in learning about quilting also so I may be doing a tutorial next time I am there for a visit.

Today I had a bonus day off. Instead of doing what I really wanted to do, I worked at cleaning off the top of my desk. You know, it is made of solid oak - who knew! I did get some 'unquilting' done. Over the weekend I started quilting one of the baby quilts and thought it was going very well, until I turned it over and saw the huge the middle! Luckily I was only about half done with the whole thing so it wasn't too frustrating. Now I need to repin and then redo the quilting. Maybe that will get done this week yet. I would like to add some more to the finished column!

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Quilting Pirate said...

Excellent!! How exciting to finish a quilt! I like the backing too!!

Yah for bonus days off...we all need away from work!