Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh! What's That?

Haven't had a chance to do much posting the last few days because we have had company since Wednesday evening. Oh, I know, he looks innocent enough in this shot but if you zoom out and observe the true state of my sewing room you will see that little Layden has inherited his mother's ability to enter a room and explode! And, since my sewing room is also the guest room, sewing and quilting are not easily accomplished when we have guests. Now I will admit that the sewing room wasn't totally tidy when they arrived, but you could still function in it fairly easily.

The bonus is that my little grandson likes to spend time in Grammy's sewing room and has discovered the little strips of fabric in the trash and they are now spread all over the room also. I know it doesn't seem like a bonus but I remember playing with my mother's scraps when I was little and I watched my kids do the same in her sewing room. I hope that Layden and all my future grandchildren will have fond memories of time spent with Grammy in her sewing room just like their parents have.

Yesterday, Layden took his first road trip to Fabric Depot with his mom and I. We also had my nieces, Brita and Katie, along. Brita is here here from Idaho to 'Ride the Courage' with her sister. For her 14th birthday in March I promised her a trip to Fabric Depot. This involves lunch and shopping. Because it was the 40% off weekend at Fabric Depot it also includes 3 yards of fabric. She managed to get nine different fabrics in her 3 yards and Katie got 8 (her birthday is the end of this month). I replenished my thread stock and got another bolt of black 60" Kona. I also found flannel for the back of the baby quilts, a nice batik for a skirt for Chelsea, fabric for a baby carrier for Chelsea's neighbor and some Christmas fabric to make 'another cheesy Christmas quilt'.

Today we are hoping to get the skirt and baby carrier made and maybe Chelsea will get her little quilt finished (she started cutting squares about 6 years ago). In the midst of that will be bread baking and playing with the baby!

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