Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My iron has stopped working! And, I am in the middle of putting together those 440 blocks. It is a Rowenta that I bought only about a year ago I think. So I am struggling along with my old Rowenta but it leaks in the handle area which is a pain! I am beginning to think that Rowentas aren't as good as they used to be.

I was going to take the iron apart but I don't have the right tools here at home so Mr. Appliance Repairman will have to look at it when he gets home with the right tools. If he can't fix it I will have to look into getting a replacement and I don't know what to buy. Should I buy another Rowenta? What about the cordless Maytag? Or should I go for the much cheaper Black & Decker?



floribunda said...

it's great that you have a "real" appliance repairman around... my Rowenta flaked out (seems like every time I filled it, the steam would come out in one enormous blast and then it would be empty again!) and my amateur repairman took it apart, put it back together, no change... now I have a Black & Decker!

dee said...

black & Decker Digital Advantage...Woohoo!! I bought 3 Rownta irons from least expensive to highest price-all leaked and had other problems as well. Rownta Bah! I went back and bought myself another B&D last week in case they change it before i need another iron. It's heavy(which I like very much) and has a verrrry hot setting. I tried evry kind over the years and the B&D are the best and longest lasting. I did try a Panasonic one time and it wasn't bad but it didn't get blazing hot like this does and it leaked eventually. Had the B&D for 6 mos-no problem yet