Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One done, seven to go

This evening I got Flying Leftovers quilted and the binding is on and ready to be hand sewn while I watch TV this evening. I decided that I would not let myself do anymore quilt sewing until I got at least a prototype of a handbell table pad cover. You see, I play in our church's handbell choir and there are 3" foam pads on the tables so the bells don't clang when you set them down (also, so they don't get dented I suppose). We have had our bells for about 14 years and the pads are looking a little less than lovely. I made these denim covers for the tables for performances (please forgive the bad picture - it is about 4 years old and from our old camera)......but, as you can see, the ugly foam pads peek out at the corners so I decided that I would use some of my black Kona to make some nice fitted covers for the pads.

And I did it! I have one done and it didn't really take all that long. I hope I can get the other 7 covers done tomorrow so I can get this one pad out of my sewing room where it has been sitting as a reminder to get the job done for about 2 months! It may not be a quilt but it will be so nice to have those pads covered!

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Knitting Keeps Us Sane said...

You are in a handbell choir? That sounds SO interesting!
Let me explain: I am studying organ, at the facillity where Scandinavias only bell-playing school is (I dont know the proper term, maybe carillioneur?), and will be participating in a handbell - workshop in september. I did not know there was a thing such a handbell-choirs, you must have a very big congregation to support such an (beautifull and) alternative form of music.