Thursday, January 10, 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining?

I found some of the parts for the car with the boo-boo but they were 75 miles away and Seattle traffic looms in between here and there! So, I spent much of the day today on the road, mostly in traffic. The rest was spent waiting and killing time. Now I could have taken the ferry across Puget Sound but that still would have required a good bit of driving and would cost over $10 each way. Instead I took my new car and probably got over 40 mpg (being a hybrid it actually gets better mileage in traffic than at freeway speeds - one of those silver linings). For some reason traffic was pretty bad all day today even in sections where it usually isn't as bad - just my luck I guess.

On top of bad traffic I also was answering calls and pages on the way up. I did appreciate that my car allows hands-free talking so I could answer the phone while driving (pretty silver again). I did have to stop to return calls to customers however. Anyway, three hours later, I got to the wrecking yard and showed the nice Mexican guy who spoke only a little English which parts I needed and started waiting while he worked to get them off the wrecked car.

I answered a few pages but I got tired of waiting so I let the guy at the counter know that I would be back and went in search of some fabric stores (another silver lining, especially when you add in the built-in navigation system in the car). Would you believe that in a large suburban area north of Seattle there was only one quilt shop and two different chain stores. And, of course, none had what I was looking for! I got back to the wrecking yard and paid for my items (two of the major parts for several hundred $ less than new and several smaller ones thrown in - so lots of silver saved in that lining) and got them packed in the car and headed back to the traffic. It only took 2 hours to drive home again but it was dark and rainy on top of slow.

In the midst of all of my stuff, my sister ended up having to put chains on to go across the pass on her way home (she had the chains because my husband accidently ordered the wrong chains for the VW and got some that fit her car so she bought them from us - chains=silver-get it?) and the husband got stuck in someone's driveway and had to call a tow truck (no silver there, sad to say, except for the tow truck company).

Basically, a crazy day!

Now I am just plain tired.


Knitted Gems said...

gosh, I'm tired just reading about your day. Glad you were able to get the parts and get back home safely. Have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

that's a long day

Not Lucy said...

It was a long day and didn't help my current cold improve! At least I have the weekend to try and recuperate!

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